Judging quality


  • Is the rod perfectly straight?Can you see the glue joints?
  • Is the rod free from any open glue lines? (Check the areas around the node stations primarily). 
  • Is the finish without flaws? Is the finish too thick?
  • Are the guides straight?
  • Are the ferrules okay? No clicking?
  • Are the wrappings short enough? (They should cover the guide foot + a few more turns, not more). 
  • Is the bamboo surfaces free from exposed fibres? If You find white lines along the surfaces, the bamboo´s been planed down too much, killing the rod´s backbone. You will find those white exposed fibres around the nodes - that´s quite normal - but they should´nt be anywhere else.
  • Stay away from rods with oddities or extraordinary embellishment. Such cosmetic extravagance causes suspicions.             Can you see the glue joints?
    A split bamboo quality rod does´nt need extraordinary features.          


rods small
              Two 6½ ft   

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